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History and core values

As we were living in Taiwan, we realized that there were many other families with children that have special needs, and they seemed very discouraged and hopeless. In Taiwan, it is still often seen as an embarrassment or shame to have children that are not "perfect." We were able to have great conversations with other parents and realized that there was a void that we could fill. Because we have a special needs child ourselves, there is an automatic "heart to heart" connection. We could relate to them, encourage them, cry with them, learn with them, and, most importantly, tell them about the HOPE that we have. . .

Maurer family 2018.JPG

Our Story

A few years ago, God gave us a little girl.  Our daughter was born premature, underweight, but REALLY cute.  At that time we were living in China.  That first fall and winter, we were surprised by how often she got sick and how “floppy” she was.  And — she sounded just like a little kitten when she cried. . .
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