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At Taiwan Sunshine, we are dependent on the generous donations of friends and partners.  If you are interested in supporting us financially on a regular basis, please let us know!

Since Taiwan Sunshine is fully registered as a not-for-profit association in Taiwan, we are able to issue official Taiwanese tax receipts for all donations.

You can help to bring Hope and Joy to families that have children with special needs in Taiwan. 

​Online donation

  1. ​Credit Card Once Giving/Recurring Giving 

  2. 7-11 ibon, barcode payment, Famiport

Online Donate

Bank transfer or ATM in Taiwan

Chinese Name: 臺北市恩美協會
Account Number: 347-540-242-418
Bank Name (Routing #) 中國信託商業銀行--臺北市公館分行(822)


※After bank transfer please provide us with the following information by email to so we can issue you a proper receipt.

  1. Your Name / Organization Name

  2. Donation amount

  3. Last 5 digits of donor’s Bank account (if Taiwan bank transfer is used)

Bank transfer or ATM

Donate by Check from a Taiwanese Bank

Please send a donation by check to:
4F, No. 108, Min Quan West Road, Datong District,

Taipei City 10351, Taiwan

Donate by Check

Donate by Paypal:

Please use our paypal account to make a credit card donations from banks OUTSIDE of Taiwan.  We are not able to issue a formal donation receipt for PayPal donations.

Donate by Paypal

Donate by Credit/Debit Card or Check from the US or Canada

Taiwan Sunshine has a partnership with RCE International, allowing us to receive donations from the US and Canada as well.  All donations to our RCE account will receive a proper US tax receipt.  Please see links below.

Donate from the US or Canada

Thank you for your financial donation to Taiwan Sunshine!

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